Dear Friends of FRAULEIN,

The laboratory is ready. The storm gathers overhead, lightning licking at the rods atop the castle tower. Electricity envelops the bandaged figure on the slab, which twitches and screams to life. Soon, the creature shall rise, break loose from the straps and chains that bind her, and stalk the night to fulfill her destiny. FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN is coming for YOU!!!

Yes, I am pleased to report that, after recovering somewhat from the untimely death of my father, I have just turned in the final edits for FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN, which means the novel should be available for sale on Amazon in about a month or so–just in time for Halloween! As promised, those of you who nominated the book during the Kindle Scout campaign will each receive your special, FREE COPY of the ebook in advance of its release to the general public. Thank you all again for helping the novel win publication!

I shall update you again as soon as Kindle Press lets me know the official release date. As the publication date nears, I also plan to resume regular blog posts that I hope you will continue to read and enjoy. In the meantime, best wishes to everyone! You may take pride in the fact that at least one on your votes in this election year has had an outcome we can all celebrate.  🙂

Warm Regards,

Stephen Woodworth