The Polls are Closing! Vote FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN *Now*!

My fellow Americans, stalwart citizens, and concerned constituents! This is your LAST CHANCE to cast your vote for FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN and earn your FREE COPY of the ebook if the novel wins publication. Voting will end around midnight Eastern Daylight Time tonight (or 9pm if you live here on the Left Coast), so make sure you and your friends get your votes in before the deadline! The link to the campaign page is here:

Remember, anyone with an Amazon can nominate the book. It costs nothing, only takes a few seconds, and best of all, if the book wins publication, everyone who voted for it with get a FREE COPY of the ebook.

Thanks again for all of you who have participated in this campaign. With your help, FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN has remained in the “Hot & Trending” category EVERY SINGLE DAY for the entire 30-day campaign period! Regardless of whether the book is accepted for publication, that counts as a WIN in my book! I am so touched and grateful for the outpouring of support you’ve shown.


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