“Give me your vampires, your gore–your hunchbacked monsters yearning to break free! I lift my lamp beside the dungeon door.” Yes, if there’s one Lady who exemplifies the Land of Liberty, it’s FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN! She represents equality for all–rich and poor, young and old, human and inhuman, dead and undead. So this election year, stand up for the candidate who stands up for YOU! Vote FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN today!

The link to the campaign page is here:

It’s crunch time now–only TWO DAYS left in the campaign! Make sure you and your friends qualify for your FREE COPIES of the ebook if the novel wins publication by voting for it NOW!  Thanks again to all those who have already shown their support. With your help, we’ve kept FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN in the “Hot & Trending” category every single day of the campaign so far! Let’s make it a clean sweep! Please continue to Like and Share these posts with your friends. If FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN wins, we all win!


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