FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN: Elected! (And Selected!)

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Dickens’s description certainly fits 2016, which within a single day saw both the life-affirming, creative triumphs of the Tony Awards and the horrible violence in Orlando.

As most of you know, I have experienced a similar roller-coaster of joy and sorrow in my personal life this year. Last Thursday, my wife Kelly Dunn and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. The following afternoon, I learned of the passing of my 87-year-old father Harry Woodworth. Today, as those of you who nominated the book may already know via Amazon’s email notifications, my novel FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN was selected for publication by Kindle Press. The victory is welcome but bittersweet, for under ordinary circumstances, my dad would be the first person I’d call to share the good news.

I am glad that all of you who supported the book will be justly rewarded with your free copies of the ebook. Even more than your votes, however, I treasure the outpouring of empathy and emotional support you have shown me and my family. Winning a book contract is great, but true friendship is worth far more. I thank you all for yours, and I look forward to celebrating FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN’s publication with you under happier circumstances.


In Memoriam: HARRY WOODWORTH 1929-2016

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

At a time that was otherwise filled with excitement, hope, and optimism, I and my family were stunned and saddened to learn of the sudden death of my father, Harry Woodworth, at the age of 87. I had last spoken to him by phone on Tuesday night, and he seemed his usual cheerful self, and we were planning to have him come visit us here in Southern California for the 4th of July.

I cannot begin to express at this time everything my dad meant to me. He was my best friend growing up, and even as I entered adulthood, we went to movies together, went on camping trips together, worked crossword puzzles and played Yahtzee and Scrabble together. It was largely him reading to me from the earliest age I can remember–everything from Dr. Seuss to Greek myths to Edgar Allan Poe and Robert W. Service–that helped me learn to read and made me want to write. His fascination with science and the great mysteries of the world fired my imagination, and he always encouraged my brother Chris and I to become who we wanted to be, even if that meant being something as impractical as a carnival concession stand owner or a freelance fiction writer.

The picture above is the last I ever took of him, when I went to celebrate his 87th birthday with him in May, and it shows him as I want to remember him: with boundless good humor and zestful enthusiasm for all and, always, a touch of endearing, boyish mischief. The world will be a less jolly place for his absence, so it is up to all of us who knew him to spread his infectious goodwill in his stead. I will always love and revere you, Dad!

If FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN Weren’t Already Dead, the Suspense Would Be Killing Her!

Dear Friends of FRAULEIN!

Well, the campaign is over, the votes have been tallied, the people (and monsters) have spoken, and in the popular vote, FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN has proven a YUUUUGE winner! Thanks to all of you, the novel spent 616 of 720 hours in the “Hot & Trending” category (more than 85% of the 30-day campaign time!) and amassed more than 1400 page views!

However, as in certain other elections we could mention, the final decision often comes not from the voters but from the superdelegates–in this case, the editorial board of Kindle Scout. We are still awaiting their word with sweaty brows and chewed fingernails. Regardless of the result, though, I again want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have shown your support. No matter what happens, your encouragement has given me the resolve to see that FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN and future projects reach their audience one way or another. FRAULEIN and I thank you!

The Polls are Closing! Vote FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN *Now*!

My fellow Americans, stalwart citizens, and concerned constituents! This is your LAST CHANCE to cast your vote for FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN and earn your FREE COPY of the ebook if the novel wins publication. Voting will end around midnight Eastern Daylight Time tonight (or 9pm if you live here on the Left Coast), so make sure you and your friends get your votes in before the deadline! The link to the campaign page is here:

Remember, anyone with an Amazon can nominate the book. It costs nothing, only takes a few seconds, and best of all, if the book wins publication, everyone who voted for it with get a FREE COPY of the ebook.

Thanks again for all of you who have participated in this campaign. With your help, FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN has remained in the “Hot & Trending” category EVERY SINGLE DAY for the entire 30-day campaign period! Regardless of whether the book is accepted for publication, that counts as a WIN in my book! I am so touched and grateful for the outpouring of support you’ve shown.


“Give me your vampires, your gore–your hunchbacked monsters yearning to break free! I lift my lamp beside the dungeon door.” Yes, if there’s one Lady who exemplifies the Land of Liberty, it’s FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN! She represents equality for all–rich and poor, young and old, human and inhuman, dead and undead. So this election year, stand up for the candidate who stands up for YOU! Vote FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN today!

The link to the campaign page is here:

It’s crunch time now–only TWO DAYS left in the campaign! Make sure you and your friends qualify for your FREE COPIES of the ebook if the novel wins publication by voting for it NOW!  Thanks again to all those who have already shown their support. With your help, we’ve kept FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN in the “Hot & Trending” category every single day of the campaign so far! Let’s make it a clean sweep! Please continue to Like and Share these posts with your friends. If FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN wins, we all win!