FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN: She Can Do It! (With Your Help!)

She’s the Riveter held together by rivets! Yes, it’s FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN, who’s rolling up her sleeves with the can-do, take-charge spirit necessary to win this campaign! But she needs your help. The novel has slipped out of the “Hot & Trending” Category again, which makes it more difficult for people browsing the Kindle Scout site to find the book. With only a week to go, FRAULEIN needs your votes and needs them NOW! WE CAN DO IT! Vote FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN today!

The link to the campaign page is here:

Remember, anyone with an account can vote. It costs nothing, only takes a few seconds, and, best of all, if the novel wins publication, everyone who nominated it gets a FREE copy of the ebook!

Again, thanks to all of you who’ve already voted. WE’RE OVER THE HUMP, AND HEADED FOR THE FINISH LINE! Please continue to Like and Share these posts with your friends.  Join the Mad Monster Party and vote FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN today!





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