FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN: Scars and Stripes Forever!

As the Cryptkeeper might have said, “Old Gory…long may it GRAVE!”  In this election, there’s only one candidate sewn together with a skill that would have made even Betsy Ross salute: FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN! So why not let your freak flag fly? Vote FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN today!

Here’s the link to the Kindle Scout campaign page:

Remember, anyone with an account can vote. It costs nothing, only takes a few seconds, and, best of all, if the novel wins publication, everyone who nominated it gets a FREE copy of the ebook!

Again, thanks to all of you who’ve already voted and helped to keep FRAULEIN in the “Hot & Trending” category for NINETEEN days running! WE’RE OVER THE HUMP, AND HEADED FOR THE FINISH LINE! Please continue to Like and Share these posts with your friends.  Join the Mad Monster Party and vote FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN today!


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