Four out of Five Fiends Favor FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN!

To paraphrase an old campaign slogan, “As monsters go, so goes the nation!” And this election, the monsters have spoken: It’s FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN by a landslide! (Or at least a grave’s worth of cemetery dirt.) So, if your candidate’s going to be an unholy abomination anyway, choose the monster more monsters choose! Go with FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN!

The link to the Kindle Scout campaign page is here:

Remember, anyone with an account can vote. It costs nothing, only takes a few seconds, and, best of all, if the novel wins publication, everyone who nominated it gets a FREE copy of the ebook!

Again, thanks to all of you who’ve already voted and helped to keep FRAULEIN in the “Hot & Trending” category for twelve days straight. Please continue to Like and Share these posts with your friends.  Join the Mad Monster Party and vote FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN today!




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