Viva Las Vegas! (Or, since we’re talking about FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN and Elvis, maybe it should be “Muertos Las Vegas!”)

My lovely wife, Kelly Dunn and I, will be taking our campaign for FRAULEIN to Sin City tomorrow for the Horror Writers Association’s Stoker Awards Weekend at the historic (or would that be “notorious”?) Flamingo Hotel and Casino. (“Bugsy” Siegel himself offered FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN the Presidential Suite.)

While we may be busy hobnobbing with all our friends and colleagues at the convention, I shall try to keep you posted on the campaign’s progress as time permits. In the meantime, I’m counting on all of you to keep up the fabulous momentum we’ve had so far. Don’t gamble with this country’s (or this book’s) future! Vote FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN today! The link to the Kindle Scout campaign page is here:

Your votes are especially crucial now, for FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN has dropped out of the “Hot & Trending” category for the first time since the campaign began! Let’s get it back on top! If you’ve already nominated the book, please continue to Share the link with your friends.  Remember: Everyone who nominates the novel will get a FREE copy of the ebook, but only if the book wins publication. If FRAULEIN wins, we all win!

Thank you all again for your support!



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