FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN exemplifies the unique contribution that Dead Americans have made to our nation’s heritage. Recent polls have shown that a staggering 86% of deceased American voters support her candidacy, and she has already received the endorsement of such prominent moribund luminaries as Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Susan B. Anthony, and Eleanor Roosevelt. (Miffed at being kicked off the $20 bill, Andrew Jackson has come out for Trump.)

Whether you’re alive or dead, it’s time to demonstrate that you won’t stand (or lie six feet under) for discrimination. This election year, vote with the real “Silent Majority”! VOTE FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN! Because, as the old caretaker in Pet Sematary says, “Sometimes dead is better!”

The link to the Kindle Scout campaign page is here:

Thanks to all of you who’ve already voted, FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN has remained “Hot & Trending” for 5 days straight! Let’s keep it going!  Remember: Everyone who nominates the novel will get a FREE copy of the ebook, but only if the book wins publication. Every vote counts! Please continue to Like and Share the link to the Kindle Scout page and tell your friends to nominate FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN so they, too, can win FREE COPIES. If FRAULEIN wins, we all win!

Thank you all again for your support!


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