As with many of you, I didn’t like any of the available candidates in this election, so I made one of my own—FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN! No unauthorized email accounts! No shady business ventures! No fat-cat political donors! (Unless you count organ donors.) Okay, maybe she’s done a bit of grave-robbing, but then, who hasn’t? Although she may have had to deal with a little decomposition, FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN will never turn rotten and corrupt! (We embalmed her.)

The Kindle Scout campaign is off to a fantastic start. Thanks to everyone who has already nominated the book, FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN is already “Hot & Trending.” Let’s keep up the momentum! If you have not had a chance to vote yet, please click on the link below and make your voice heard:

If you have already voted, please share this post with others! And don’t forget–if the novel wins publication, everyone who voted for it gets a FREE copy of the ebook when it comes out! When you vote FRANKENSTEIN, *everybody* wins!!!

FRAULEIN and I thank you for your support!


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