WE’RE WITH HER! (Fraulein Frankenstein, that is.)


Hotter than Hillary! Scarier than Donald Trump’s hair! Deader than Ted Cruz’s campaign! Yes, America, at last we have a monster we can all feel good about voting for: FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN!

The Kindle Scout campaign is off to a fantastic start. Thanks to everyone who has already nominated the book, FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN is already “Hot & Trending.” Let’s keep up the momentum! If you have not had a chance to vote yet, please click on the link below and make your voice heard:


If you have already voted, please share this post with others! If we all get behind FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN, my fellow Americans, we may not make America great again…but at least we’ll have something good to read!

FRAULEIN and I thank you for your support!


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