I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

Welcome past, present, and (I hope) future friends!

Many of you already know me through personal acquaintance or familiarity with my fiction, but for the uninitiated, please allow me to introduce myself:

I am Stephen Woodworth, author of the New York Times bestselling Violet Series of paranormal thrillers, including Through Violet Eyes, With Red Hands, In Golden Blood, and From Black Rooms. The books take place in an alternate reality in which communication with the dead is a scientifically-proven and widely accepted fact. Only rare, genetically-gifted individuals, known as “Violets” for their violet-colored eyes, possess the coveted ability to channel the deceased. Among other duties, they assist the police in homicide investigations and can even summon murder victims to testify against their killers in court. The Violets’ ability is so valuable that their lives are tightly controlled by the government’s oppressive North American Afterlife Communications Corps. For those of you who may not have had a chance to read the series, I hope you’ll check them out on Amazon here, or “wherever fine books are sold,” as the saying goes.

I have also published numerous short stories in such markets as Fantasy & Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales, Year’s Best Fantasy 9, and Midian Unmade.

Recently, I’ve hinted to many of you that I had several new projects in the works. While I hesitated to announce any of them before they became official, I am pleased to report the first of these exciting new developments, with, I hope, more soon to come.

For starters, I am proud to say that I have two new short stories soon to debut: “Voodoo” in the anthology of Lovecraftian fiction Black Wings V and “In the City of Sharp Edges” in the anthology of dream-themed horror stories Nightmare’s Realm. Both books were compiled by the esteemed editor and critic S. T. Joshi and are well worth your attention quite apart from my own contributions.

I am also delighted to announce that I have a new novel, FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN, under consideration for Amazon’s Kindle Scout Program. This is a fun, sexy, spooky reimaging of Mary Shelley’s classic horror story told from the point of view of the mate Victor Frankenstein creates for his monster. If accepted to the program, the novel will compete for the opportunity to be published as an Amazon ebook, earning your author a publishing contract and advance check! But I will need your help, for the book must amass as many Amazon reader nominations as possible during the 30-day campaign period. As a reward for your votes, everyone who nominates the novel will receive a FREE copy of the ebook if it is accepted for publication. Everybody wins! I should find out within a day or two if the book has been entered in the campaign, at which point I’ll post a link here to show you where to vote. Stay tuned!

As if all that weren’t thrilling enough, I have many other exciting developments in the works that I hope to be able to report soon. Please Like, Share, and Follow to keep up with all the latest!








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