HPL Meets His Match in “The Gilman Woman”

The woman in the left-hand photo is Charlotte Perkins Gilman, pioneering feminist author most remembered for her haunting portrait of a woman driven mad in her novella “The Yellow Wall Paper.” The man on the right is, of course, the inimitable creator of Cthulhu, Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

The two celebrated authors share not only an interest in weird fiction, but an almost familial resemblance. The high cerebral forehead, the prominent patrician nose, the elongated jaw with its lightly cleft chin–they could almost be mistaken for mother and son. And both spent formative years in Providence, Rhode Island.

What if there were an even deeper connection between these two kindred spirits? Suppose, in fact, that Charlotte Gilman had exchanged identities with Howard Lovecraft, in the same fashion as Asenath Waite did with Edward Derby in Lovecraft’s tale “The Thing on the Doorstep.”

That is the premise of my contribution to the S.T. Joshi-edited anthology HIS OWN MOST FANTASTIC CREATION. This isn’t a spoiler, by the way–it’s how the story begins. What happens next? See for yourself in HPL’s ill-fated meeting with “The Gilman Woman.”

You’ll find many other fictional speculations about Lovecraft’s life and work in HIS OWN MOST FANTASTIC CREATION, now available in a handsome and affordable paperback edition, including contributions by such weird fiction luminaries as John Shirley, Darrell Schweitzer, W. H. Pugmire, and even S.T. Joshi himself. You may order the book by clicking the link below or from the bookseller of your choice:


And while you’re shopping for new reading material, don’t forget to check out my story collection A CARNIVAL OF CHIMERAS:

Happy reading!

“It was a dark and stormy FRAULEIN…”

As promised, here is my reading of the thrilling opening of FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN, complete with stormy ambience. Hope this spooky sample inspires you to read the rest of this gripping Gothic! 🙂

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Happy reading and happy Halloween!

Halloween Storytime with FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN!

Happy Halloween, fans of Fraulein!

Just in time for the spookiest holiday of the year, your favorite monster’s mate is back with a special discount on the Kindle ebook of FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN–only 99 cents until 11/2/21!

As a special treat, yours truly will be doing a reading of the thrilling opening chapter of the novel. If any readers out there haven’t yet experienced the frightfest that is FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN, this will be a perfect opportunity to sample the chills that await you in the book. Stay tuned for storytime!

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Hope you join me soon for a Franken-tastic reading!

The FRANKENSTEIN Administration Makes History!

It’s hard to believe, but it was in June five years ago that readers like you cast the votes that helped FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN get selected as a winner in Amazon’s Kindle Scout competition. Kindle Scout is now history, but, thanks to you, FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN continues to serve proudly as a champion for monster-lovers everywhere!

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Thank you for your patriotic support, and God bless America!

FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN–prepared for takeoff!

So who’s the lucky super-celebrity who gets to blast off into space with Jeff Bezos to boldly go where no billionaire has gone before? Everybody’s favorite Moon-roving monster FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN, that’s who!

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THROUGH VIOLET EYES lights up the Shore Scripts 1-Hr. TV Pilot Contest!

Greetings, Violet Series fans and fellow readers!

I wanted to share a little promo video I did at the request of Shore Scripts for being named the Grand Prize Winner in their 1-Hour TV Pilot Screenplay Contest. You may view the video on my new YouTube channel here:

You may also read a brief Q&A interview I did about my writing for the Shore Scripts website here:

Shore Scripts | 2020’s Feature and TV Pilot Screenplay Contests Winners – Written Interviews

Needless to say, I hope the success of winning this contest sparks interest in a THROUGH VIOLET EYES television series, but regardless of what happens next, I am thrilled to have received this honor and want to thank Shore Scripts again for their encouragement and recognition.

Fall in love with FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN this Valentine’s Day!

Greetings, Monster Lovers and Lovers of Monsters!

It may still be January, but Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away. And if you’re a fan of paranormal romance, Mary Shelley, or classic Universal horror movies, what better way to celebrate the Season of Love than with FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN, the mate created by Victor Frankenstein for his misbegotten monster who embarks on her own quest for love?

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Share FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN with someone *you* love! Happy reading, and happy Valentine’s Day (in advance)!

A FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN salute to you, America!

My fellow Americans!

On this day of national pride, as we welcome a new president and vice-president, FRAULEIN FRANKENSTEIN salutes your patriotism! And to celebrate, she’s selling the thrilling Kindle e-book of her story for the historic price of ONLY 99 CENTS until 1/24/21! Click below to order:

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Happy reading, and God bless America! 🙂

The reviews are in! Thumbs up for A CARNIVAL OF CHIMERAS

Greetings, loyal readers!

Genre critics have begun to weigh in on my new short-story collection A CARNIVAL OF CHIMERAS, and the response has been positive.

Most recently, my favorite horror fiction podcast Pseudopod.org selected the book for review as part of their end-of-the-year roundup of anthologies and collections published during 2020. Pseudopod is one of the family of excellent podcasts brought to us by the good folks at Escape Artists, who coincidentally produced the delightful adaptation of my CHIMERAS story “The Olverung,” which you may listen to here on PodCastle.org, Pseudopod’s sister website:

Of A CARNIVAL OF CHIMERAS, Pseudopod co-editor and reviewer Alex Hofelich says, “While the address for this collection is certainly located in The Weird, when you peek through their windows and past their curtains, the Bizarro have been invited in to crash on the couch.” You may hear his entire enthusiastic review by clicking the link below. The CHIMERAS review starts around 33:31, but I heartily encourage you to listen to the whole episode as it’s a good one.

PseudoPod 737: Workday – PseudoPod

And do check out Pseudopod’s other offerings, which include splendid, professional readings of both classic horror stories and cutting-edge current frights. Many thanks to Alex Hofelich and the entire Pseudopod crew for highlighting A CARNIVAL OF CHIMERAS in their show, and to publisher Derrick Hussey and Hippocampus Press for submitting the collection for Pseudopod’s consideration.

You may also read Alex’s complete *FIVE-STAR* review (posted under the name “Fenrix”) when you go to order your own copy of A CARNIVAL OF CHIMERAS by clicking the link below:

Another recent review of A CARNIVAL OF CHIMERAS appeared on the venerable genre website Ginger Nuts of Horror, run by the estimable Jim Mcleod. While the reviewer, Daisy Lyles, didn’t enjoy every story in the collection, she was sufficiently impressed by tales like “The Hidden Track” to declare the contents of the collection “irrefutable proof of Woodworth’s status as a gifted creator of immersive, believable new realities.” You may read her complete review by clicking the link below:


Many thanks to both Ms. Lyle and Jim Mcleod for sharing the collection with their readers.

And much gratitude to all of MY readers for your continuing support. Best wishes to you all for a hopefully happier New Year!

VIOLET EYES see contest triumph!

Greetings, loyal readers!

For those of you who thought *nothing* good could come of 2020, I bring you glad tidings of great joy. My spec TV pilot script adaptation of my New York Times bestselling paranormal thriller THROUGH VIOLET EYES has just won the Grand Prize in the 1-Hour TV Pilot Category of the Shores Scripts Screenplay Contest! In addition to a cash prize, yours truly will receive entertainment industry exposure as Shore Scripts circulates the script to their roster of producers and directors. We can only hope the Violets may soon be coming to a TV screen near you! 🙂

In the meantime, if you would like to revisit or introduce yourself to my thrilling Violet Series of paranormal suspense novels, why not check out the book that started it all? It’s available here on Amazon:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank https://www.shorescripts.com/ for this tremendous honor. I also want to express my gratitude to the screenplay submission website https://www.coverfly.com/ for accepting me into their Fee Waiver Program (https://www.coverfly.com/waiver/), which enabled me to enter the Shore Scripts contest as well as other competitions whose entry fees I might not otherwise have been able to afford. I believe both these organizations provide an invaluable service to aspiring screenwriters.

And thanks to you all for your continuing support. Have a joyous holiday season!